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Most Respectable Senior Citizens, Brother, Colleagues and Youth :

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Lacs of Lacs of grace of the Almighty ALLAH  that the KMA is stepping in to its 65th year with the successful completion of 64 years of its establishment.The plant that was sowed by our elders on 4th June, 1950 is now gradually  , by passing the steps of progress and development , KMA has now adopted the form of a shadow giving stem bearing tree. 

Respected Dear(s) :

Our brothers and sisters, who were yesterday amongst us and today they are not amongst us, I pray to Almighty Allah that May Allah forgive them and raise their degrees (Ameen).

As you know that in today’s unfavorable circumstances, the peace and harmony of the city has been destroyed. Human needs, pains and problems are also being increased day by day. But KMA is engaged in services of the painful humanity and brothers of the community continuously since the last 64 years without any discrimination. There is no doubt that, by only the spirit and enthusiasm of serving, the people of the community can go towards the progress and prosperity. Our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has given the lesson by his saying and action to serve the help the needy and unwell people. To help others is a very loving and favourite act to Allah. Today in the supervision and patronage of the officials and the responsible ones, the outstanding services which are being rendered by the social, welfare, medical and institutions and the institution of the education and health has raised their standard and they are at the top in the lists of the standard institutions of the city.

Dear Brothers:

In our community the performance of the “Decision Board” by the institution in removing the domestic and social differences and in maintaining the mutual unity is brilliant and outstanding. On the new educational year about one thousand students have been provided with free uniform books. To help financially on monthly basis to the poor and needy women is continuing. To accommodate/settle the families of Kutiyana Memon community is Lyari is continuing so that they can take breath of comfort. In the connection, two hundred families have been supported at the rate of Rupees five hundred thousand per family. In addition to this, under the Kutiyana Memon Housing Board, 176 flats will be distributed among the needy people. The efforts of the volunteers on the occasion of the Eidul Fitr have been appreciable and commendable which the Jamat sees it with the eye of appreciation, admiration.

The Jamat has actively and fully patronized the activities of the sports of the youth of the community. By organizing a Cricket Tournament, good plat form has been provided to the talented good players of the community. In January, 2011 the officials by keeping in view the importance of the print media, had issued the Quarterly magazine of the community namely KMA Horizon “Tarjuman Kutiyana” In the last 4 years, 16 issues have been published in which the introduction of the youth of community, the introduction of the deceased serving personalities, historical articles and memorable events are published in every issue. This magazine has been adopted as an informative and memorable event. All the community has given great praise to the magazine which revealed the identity of the Kutiyana Memon community.

Alhamdulillah the Kutiyana Hospital’s M.A Education Board has shown its outstanding performance. We have received the utmost and fullest support and cooperation of philanthropists in services, in all social and welfare sectors, due to which all the welfare plans have been completed smoothly and satisfactorily.




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